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Fan account จากงาน Spris 10/04/10

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1 Fan account จากงาน Spris 10/04/10 on Sat Apr 10, 2010 6:44 pm

I'mSoKhun : About the male fan : (his nickname is 'Nichkhun's male fan' 5555) He put the yellow banner around Khun's neck, and he also put the lighting stick to Khun's hand =]

I'mSoKhun : The male fan let Khun know how to light the stick on. Khun followed his instruction and put the light on =] Of course Khun waved it to his fans

I'mSoKhun : It's still about the male fan : He said 'I love you Khun!' Me too!' again today 5555555 When the MC asked him to say something that he wanted

I'mSoKhun : Khun kept talking with the male fan, and the fan got shoes that Khun signed on

I'mSoKhun : About the question asking who Khun doesn't want to introduce his sisters to : All the people around the world 5555555555

I'mSoKhun : the MC asked to Khun to say something to his sisters, and Khun said : 'Be careful' 55555

รูปแฟนบอยคะ แอบน่ารักนะเนี่ย อิอิ

อร๊ายยยยย >_< พี่คุณจะทำไรคะ ถึงเป็นผู้ชาย...เค้าก็หวงนะ งุงิๆๆ

komkom : um, you guys see, today khun is very adorable!! though he looks little tired, but he looks funny too =] today, i cant see khun's new hair....TT

komkom : ah, there is one question. MC ask to khun. choice person 1,2,3 who doesnt interest khun's sister. khun answer. nobody. i mean he doesnt want interest his sister anyone. and khun send video message to his sister. khun say "조심해라잉~" that mean you, careful!!!!

komkom : event is good. 2PM sing "Crazy 4 S" "AAA" "Heartbeat" I hate you"

komkom : and today khun speak a little. so, i think if i gather his comment maybe it's 1minute. TT

komkom : and Khun game with his male fan. telepathy game. so, if MC tell A or B, Khun and fan answer choice A or B at the same time. im not sure, khun and fan answer 2 question same.

komkom : haha =] im sorry~ but today khun looks little tired and sick T_T Khun keep patting his back. so im mcuh worried

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